Wanted: sociable, outgoing, community-loving and creative, individuals for living together, studying, celebrating, organizing and everything that is fun!
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If you are an ERASMUS Student, please apply down here:

Online Application Erasmus

Application for refugees:
We are aware that it is even more difficult for many students with refugee experience than it is anyways on the Munich housing market. If you are a refugee and would like to live with us, just send us an email to ak.massmann.hat.platz@massmannplatz.de. We would be very happy to hear from you! Unfortunately, the number of our rooms is limited, so we cannot guarantee that you will get a room. However, we would be happy to invite you to a casting as soon as a room is available. These are usually temporary rentals. If that is too uncertain for you, feel free to apply for the “Aufnamesitzung”. This is the big casting, where the permanent rooms are assigned.

More Information is available in our Flyer


There is one admissions session each semester, and depending on the number of available rooms, there may be additional admission sessions during the semester.

The next casting will take place on 11.03.2023.
The application deadline is 01.02.2023.

Who will be invited to the admission meeting will be decided by lot. If you are not selected at the first attempt, your application will remain with us. However, you must resubmit your application every 6 months. For administrative reasons, you will only be informed if you have been drawn. Due to the large number of applicants, we are unfortunately unable to send out rejections.

At the intake session itself, you will meet and talk with about 20 of our 120 residents along with other applicants, and the atmosphere is always very relaxed. From experience, admission sessions take a long time, so don’t make any plans for the rest of the evening! Beer and drinks, as well as snacks, will of course be provided.

The residents ultimately decide whether you will be permanently accepted by us. The main purpose of the interviews is to see if you fit in with us and if we fit in with you!

Further information is available by contacting our secretary.