Around living

Our dormitory is divided into 5 houses (A-E). In each house live 25 students on average. The room sizes are between 10 and 15 m². Each house has a kitchen, a comfortable common room, a garden or balcony. Bathrooms are available in each corridor and shared between 6 residents.

The cleaning of the common areas (kitchen, corridors, bathrooms, lounges) is done by residents who are paid for it – which of course does not mean that they are allowed to mess around without moderation. On the contrary, if you don’t wash your dishes and get caught doing so, you will have to cook for the entire house!

As you would expect in a student dorm, you can also play table football or table tennis.

Rooms and rent

The rent including utilities is currently 281,50 € to 318,50 € depending on the size of the room. The rent includes all utilities – so also the use of the washing machines, internet access, electricity, water, heating, cleaning of the general rooms, maintenance, etc. The deposit is about 300 € and will be returned after proper move-out.

In contrast to other dormitories, there are no restrictions on the length of stay (as long as you have a valid enrollment certificate from a state-recognized university in Munich). This means that you can prepare for your exams in peace and don’t have to look for a new place to stay during your thesis or between exams.

The self-government

The association “Wohnheimssiedlung Massmannplatz e.V.” is responsible for the dorm and has about 120 members, mostly former residents. The 12-member board, which is elected at the general meeting, is actively involved in the association’s work. Four board members are active residents who are elected by the self-government.

Even as a new resident, you can quickly get involved in self-administration and represent your opinion. Opportunities to do so are mainly offered by the house meetings and the “Großer Arbeitskreis” (GAK) (both usually twice per semester). The GAK is a committee consisting of five residents per house. It is an important decision-making body in matters concerning the dormitory.